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"This is Your chance to stand out and decide to be successful."

Kerlin Metsalu, business development and websites, consultation

I am fascinated with ideas and solutions, I can see solutions in every situation. I have 15 years of experience in business management, most of it in companies with turnover over 10 million. I have high standards, I set goals and move towards them with excellent time management and motivation skills.


I love consulting and creating solutions, creating websites and marketing materials. Past years I have been committed to small companies, helping to grow ideas and putting ideas into action. Mentoring and finding solutions to put your business into webpage that helps to grow your business and has all options for web-based business, sell through webpage etc.


Full package - 2000-3000€
With me you will get not just a website, but ready to use business. Website is fully ready, accompanied with CVI and marketing materials.

Webpage - starting from 800€

Outstanding website without CVI.

Short but effective - 200€ 
2h meeting and after consultation, setting goals and opportunities, obstacles and making a plan and going after result.

Website consultation - 200€ 

Includes different kind of work related to built website. 

Mentoring program - 800€
5 weekly meetings, setting goals and making plans and necessary materials till we deliver results.


Tel: +372 515 2861 (EST, ENG)

For business and collaboration enquiries please email

or fill the contact form below.

Thank you! I'll get back to you during few days!

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